锦州医学院辽宁省高校分子细胞生物学与新药开发重点实验室,锦州 121001

摘 要:摘 要p38γ(又称为SAPK3、ERK6)是MAPK家族的一个新成员,其组织分布具有高度特异性,在骨骼肌中大量表达。p38γ/SAPK3信号传导通路可引起多种细胞生物学反应,如细胞增殖、分化、转化及凋亡等,其级联途径的上游分子及激活方式、下游分子及效应方式又与MAPK家族其他成员显著不同。本文重点讨论近年来国内外对p38γ/SAPK3的结构、信号通路组成及其生物学功能的研究进展。

Progress in the signal transduction and biological function of p38γ/SAPK3
ZENG Rui-Xia, SU Yu-Hong*
High Educational Key Laboratory of Molecular Cell Biology and Drug Research of Liaoning, Jinzhou Medical College, Jinzhou 121001, China)

Abstract: Abstract: p38γ, also known as SAPK3 and ERK6, is a new member of MAPKs family. It{$39}s expressed highly specialized in skeletal muscle. p38γ/SAPK3signal transduction pathway can produce many cell biological responses, such as cell proliferation, differentiation, transformation and apoptosis. The upstream and downstream events of this pathway and their function way are significantly different from the other members of MAPKs family. Here we mainly review the studies in the recent years about the structure, the signal pathway composing and the biological function of p38γ/SAPK3.
Key words: p38γ/SAPK3;  signal transduction;  biological function

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