曹一挥 , 李 超 , 杨俊杰 , 陈韵岱*
中国人民解放军总医院第六医学中心心血管病医学部,北京 100048

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通讯作者:陈韵岱 ,

Application status of AI in diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases
CAO Yi-Hui , LI Chao , YANG Jun-Jie , CHEN Yun-Dai*
Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, Sixth Medical Center, PLA General Hospital, Beijing 100048, China


With the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology, the degree of integration of medicine and artificial intelligence is increasingly strengthened, and in the medical field, due to the aggravated aging of population in China, the impact of cardiovascular risk factors on the residents' health has become more and more significant. This paper focuses on the risk warning, diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, and discusses the application and research status of artificial intelligence technology, aiming to demonstrate the great potential of artificial intelligence in medical health, especially in the field of cardiovascular disease diagnosis and treatment. Although the application of artificial intelligence in this field is relatively mature, there are still some problems such as the unclear relationship between variables and results and the lack of external verification, which are the bottleneck challenges that researchers need to solve at present. In the future, in the field of cardiovascular disease diagnosis and treatment, artificial intelligence will be able to identify more subtle imaging features that may be missed and perform risk assessment, so as to effectively reduce the incidence of heart failure.

Communication Author:CHEN Yun-Dai ,

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