李 路 , 黄承浩*
厦门大学国家传染病诊断试剂与疫苗工程技术研究中心,厦门 361102

摘 要:

血管生成素样蛋白2 (angiopoietin-like protein 2, ANGPTL2) 是血管生成素样蛋白家族的重要成员之一,它在血管生成、脂质代谢以及维持组织稳态等方面具有重要的生理作用。近年来,大量研究表明ANGPTL2 在多种恶性肿瘤组织中表达明显上调;同时,血清中ANGPTL2 的水平与癌症患者的整体生存期呈负相关。因此,ANGPTL2 有望成为肿瘤早期诊断及预后评估的重要生物标志物。现就ANGPTL2 的分子结构、生理病理功能及其对肿瘤发生发展的影响进行综述,并进一步展望ANGPTL2 未来的研究方向及临床应用前景。

通讯作者:黄承浩 ,

Research progress on ANGPTL2 and its role and mechanism in carcinogenesis
LI Lu , HUANG Cheng-Hao*
National Institute of Diagnostics and Vaccine Development in Infectious Diseases, Xiamen University, Xiamen 361102, China


ANGPTL2 (angiopoietin-like protein 2) is one of the important members of the angiopoietin-like protein family and plays an important physiological role in angiogenesis, lipid metabolism and tissue homeostasis. Recent studies have confirmed that ANGPTL2 is highly expressed in various malignant tumors, and serum ANGPTL2 levels in cancer patients are negatively correlated with the overall survival. Therefore, ANGPTL2 may be a potential biomarker for cancer diagnosis and prognosis. This review summarizes the structure and characteristics of ANGPTL2, its function and mechanism in normal tissues and tumors, which will provide new insights for further research and clinical application.

Communication Author:HUANG Cheng-Hao ,

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