山西农业大学,太谷 030801

摘 要:摘 要:RNA沉默是真核生物的一种高度保守的和序列特异的RNA降解系统,它不但是基础生物学领域的研究热点,同时在调节基因表达或研究基因功能方面也是非常有前景的。植物中的转录后基因沉默(PTGS)是RNA沉默的一种形式,通过PTGS能对目标RNA进行特异性降解。对双链RNA(dsRNA)在RNA沉默启动中所起中心作用的认知,形成了几种RNA沉默载体的构建方法,这些方法与基因组资源相结合,通过转基因或非转基因的方法能够快速和高效研究植物的基因功能。

The research on the analysis of gene function in plants mediated by RNA silencing
NIU Yan-Bing*, GUO Shi-Mi, SHEN Lin-Yan, LEI Wan-Jun, LEI Xiao-Fei
Shanxi Agricultural University, Taigu 030801, China

Abstract: Abstract: Being a highly conserved and sequence-specific RNA degradation system in eukaryotic, RNA silencing is both a fundamental biological issue and a highly promising application upon the control of gene expression or the analysis of gene function. Posttranscriptional gene silencing (PTGS) in plants is a form of RNA silencing by which target RNA is degraded in a sequence-specific manner. Realizing regarding the central role that double-stranded RNA plays in triggering RNA silencing has prompted the development of several vectors construction for RNA silencing. These methods, in combination with the genomic resources, by means of transgenic and non-transgenic technology, have provided rapid and efficient means by which to investigate gene function in a wide range of plant species.
Key words:  RNA silencing ; analysis; gene function

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