王思妤 , 汪 津* , 于 烨*
中国药科大学基础医学与临床药学学院,南京 210009

摘 要:

神经损伤所导致的神经病理性疼痛是一种常见的慢性疼痛,对患者的生理和心理健康造成严重负面影响。目前针对该病的治疗药物局限于部分精神类药物和阿片类药物,但伴随诸多不良反应。ATP 激活的配体门控离子通道P2X 受体参与疼痛信号传递和神经损伤相关的炎症过程,研究其在神经病理性疼痛机制中的作用对相关的药物开发具有重要意义。该文主要对神经病理性疼痛中P2X 受体介导的分子机制进行综述,并讨论P2X 受体靶向化合物应用于治疗的可能性。

通讯作者:汪 津 , Email:wangjin@cpu.edu.cn 于 烨 , Email:yuye@cpu.edu.cn

Advances in P2X receptor-mediated neuropathic pain
WANG Si-Yu , WANG Jin* , YU Ye*
School of Basic Medicine and Clinical Pharmacy, China Pharmaceutical University, Nanjing 210009, China


Neuropathic pain caused by nerve injury is a common form of chronic pain which severely debilitates the physical and psychological health of patients. Currently, clinically available drugs for treatment are limited to partial psychotropic drugs and opioids, which usually lead to severe adverse effects. The P2X receptors, ATP-activated ligand-gated ion channels, are associated with pain signaling and inflammation after nerve injure. Thus, studying on the mechanisms that P2X receptors mediate in neuropathic pain might shed light on relevant drug discovery. Here, we review the molecular mechanisms by which P2X receptors contribute to in neuropathic pain and discuss the druggable potential of their targeting compounds in therapeutic applications.

Communication Author:WANG Jin , Email:wangjin@cpu.edu.cn YU Ye , Email:yuye@cpu.edu.cn

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