王华林1 , 刘 冉1 , 纪文亮2 , 赵旭东1 , 王紫岳1 , 王俊翔1 , 侯莉娟1,*
1北京师范大学体育与运动学院,北京100875 2中国人民大学化学系,北京100872

摘 要:

帕金森病(Parkinson’s disease, PD) 是常见的神经退行性疾病之一,其中隐性遗传早发型PD 发病的原因之一是DJ-1 基因的常染色体突变。DJ-1 蛋白具有抗氧化应激、分子伴侣、转录调节等功能,当DJ-1蛋白含量发生变化或结构发生突变时引起神经细胞氧化应激防御系统失衡,从而导致PD 的产生。研究表明,运动可以通过上调DJ-1 蛋白表达,增强黑质- 纹状体多巴胺能投射神经元的抗氧化应激能力,减少脑内α- 突触核蛋白的异常聚集而延缓PD 的发病。该文将对DJ-1 蛋白结构、分布及功能、氧化应激的调控通路以及其在运动改善PD 中的作用进行综述并探讨其可能机制,为运动干预神经系统退行性疾病提供理论支持。

通讯作者:侯莉娟 ,

Research progress on the role of DJ-1 in regulating PD behavioral dysfunction by exercise
WANG Hua-Lin1 , LIU Ran1 , JI Wen-Liang2 , ZHAO Xu-Dong1 , WANG Zi-Yue1 , WANG Jun-Xiang1 , HOU Li-Juan1,*
1School of Physical Education and Sports, Beijing Normal University, Beijing 100875, China 2Department of Chemistry, Renmin University of China, Beijing 100872, China


Parkinson's disease (PD) is one of the common neurodegenerative diseases. One of the causes of
recessive early-onset PD is the autosomal mutation of DJ-1 gene. DJ-1 protein plays important regulation role involved in antioxidant stress, molecular chaperone, and transcriptional regulation. However, DJ-1 protein deficiency or structure mutates destroyed the neuronal oxidative stress defense system and resulted in the onset of PD. Previous studies have shown that exercise can enhance the antioxidation stress ability of dopaminergic projection neurons in substantia nigra by upregulating the expression of DJ-1 protein, reduce the brain abnormal aggregation of α-synuclein, and relieve the onset of PD. This paper will review the structure, distribution and function of DJ-1 protein, the regulatory pathway of oxidative stress and its role in regulating PD by exercise to provide theoretical support for exercise intervention in neurodegenerative diseases.

Communication Author:HOU Li-Juan ,

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