周思畅,倪 崖,石其贤*
浙江省医学科学院,杭州 310013

摘 要:摘 要:ADAMs家族是含多结构域的跨膜蛋白。睾丸特异的ADAMs,在精子发生与附睾精子转运过程中,经过蛋白水解成为成熟精子的分子形式,与精-卵质膜结合和融合有关。对于精-卵 质膜相互作用,ADAMs去整合素域具有关键氨基酸残基和特殊模体。模拟ADAM2和ADAM3去整合素域的短肽能用于鉴别特异性卵子识别蛋白。精子ADAMs去整合素域与卵子膜蛋白整合素b1、a4/a9、a6和CD9相互作用,介导了精卵质膜的结合与融合。

ADAMs involved in mammalian sperm-egg plasma membrane adhesion and fusion
ZHOU Si-Chang, NI Ya, SHI Qi-Xian*
Zhejiang Academy of Medical Sciences, Hangzhou 310013, China

Abstract: Abstract: The ADAMs (A disintegrin and A metalloprotease)family are multidomain proteins.Some ADAMs appear to be testis-specific and have been shown to be proteolytically to form functional moleculars on mature sperm during spermatogenesis and epididymal transport. The testis-specific ADAMs may play a role in sperm-egg plasma membrane adhesion and fusion. It is necessary that the disintegrin domain of ADAMs contain some key amino acids and specific motif for sperm-egg interaction. The short synthetic peptides, based on the disintegrin-like domains of ADAM2 and ADAM3 can be used in identifying specific oocyte recognition proteins. It has been suggested that the  disintegrin domain of sperm  ADAMs can interact with integrinsb1, a4/a9, a6, and b1 integrin-associated protein CD9 on the egg.
Key words: ADAM protein; sperm-egg binding; sperm; egg; integrin

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