胡守一1 , 谢苏杰2 , 张佳怡1 , 李子键2 , 仵敏娟3,*
1海军军医大学基础医学院三大队,上海 200433 2海军军医大学基础医学院六大队,上海 200433; 3海军军医大学基础医学院组织胚胎学教研室,上海 200433

摘 要:

YAP/TAZ 作为Hippo 信号通路的主要下游效应分子,在众多信号通路调节中发挥重要作用。随着对YAP/TAZ 的研究不断深入,其在创面修复中扮演的角色逐渐明晰。以皮肤为例,创面愈合过程是指正常组织遭受外力作用,组织内出现断裂或缺损后的愈合过程,包括炎症期、修复期以及重构期,表现为各种
过程的协同作用。在炎症期,主要由巨噬细胞、粒细胞发挥作用,清除损伤组织碎片以及伤口处的微生物。随后愈合进入下一个阶段——修复期。在此阶段,YAP/TAZ 有效地促进了基底层细胞和成纤维细胞的增殖、迁移,加快了缺损组织的填补。同时肉芽组织开始生长,YAP/TAZ 加快了肉芽组织中血管以及神经的重建,为成纤维细胞、表皮细胞等进行生命活动提供必需的营养物质。最终,YAP/TAZ 影响了成纤维细胞的分化方向,导致组织内基质重塑,恢复了皮肤组织稳态。该综述将介绍YAP/TAZ 在皮肤损伤修复中的作用。

通讯作者:仵敏娟 , Email:minjuanwu@163.com

The role of YAP/TAZ in skin wound healing
HU Shou-Yi1 , XIE Su-Jie2 , ZHANG Jia-Yi1 , LI Zi-Jian2 , WU Min-Juan3,*
1Brigade Three Team 8, Basic Medical College, The Naval Medical University, Shanghai 200433, China 2Brigade Six Team 16, Basic Medical College, The Naval Medical University, Shanghai 200433, China 3Department of Histology and Embryology, Basic Medical College, The Naval Medical University, Shanghai 200433, China


As the main downstream effector molecules of the Hippo signaling pathway, YAP and TAZ play important roles in the regulation of many signaling pathways. With the deepening of the research on YAP/TAZ, its role in the wound healing is becoming gradually clear. Taking skin as an example, the wound healing process refers to the healing process after normal tissues are subjected to external forces and rupture or defect occurs within the tissue, including the period of inflammation, repair and reconstruction, which is manifested as the synergistic effect of various processes. In the inflammatory phase, macrophages and granulocytes play a role in removing damaged tissue fragments and microorganisms at the wound site. Then the healing goes to the next stage, repair. At this stage, YAP/TAZ effectively promotes the proliferation and migration of basal layer cells and fibroblasts, and accelerates the filling of tissue defects. At the same time, granulation tissue begins to grow, and YAP/TAZ accelerates the reconstruction of blood vessels and nerves in granulation tissue, providing essential nutrients for the life activities of fibroblasts and epidermal cells. Finally, YAP/TAZ affects the differentiation direction of fibroblasts, resulting in the remodeling of tissue matrix and the restoration of skin tissue homeostasis. This review will introduce the role of YAP/TAZ in skin injury repair.

Communication Author:WU Min-Juan , Email:minjuanwu@163.com

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