胡 晓1 , 姜 龙2 , 王宝宝1 , 王钦富1 , 吴海歌1 , 窦少华1 , 唐 乾1 , 姜 南1 , 付常振1 , 金 行1 , 高凤山1,*
1大连大学生命科学与技术学院,大连 116622 2河北省涿鹿县医院,涿鹿 075600

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恶性肿瘤是危害人类生命健康的重大疾病,主要组织相容性复合体(major histocompatibility complex, MHC) I类分子和II类分子与肿瘤的发生、发展关系密切,近年来越来越受到人们的关注。MHC I类分子和II类分子的表达和调控影响着肿瘤细胞的增殖,并能够诱导肿瘤免疫,从而在一定程度上可抑制肿瘤细胞的增殖。根据肿瘤免疫中涉及的MHC分子参与的抗原递呈及T 细胞受体识别等机理,在临床上可以为肿瘤治疗提供新的手段。因此,了解MHC分子与肿瘤免疫及治疗的最新研究进展非常必要。现从MHC分子的结构和功能、在肿瘤细胞中的表达及调控、与肿瘤免疫的关系及其在肿瘤免疫及治疗领域的应用等4 个方面进行介绍,以期为肿瘤的免疫治疗等相关研究提供有意义的参考。

通讯作者:高凤山 ,

Research progress of MHC molecules in tumor immunity and immunotherapy
HU Xiao1 , JIANG Long2 , WANG Bao-Bao1 , WANG Qin-Fu1 , WU Hai-Ge1 , DOU Shao-Hua1 , TANG Qian1 , JIANG Nan1 , FU Chang-Zhen1 , JIN Hang1 , GAO Feng-Shan1,*
1College of Life Science and Technology, Dalian University, Dalian 116622, China 2Zhuolu County Hospital in Hebei Province, Zhuolu 075600, China


Malignant tumor is a major disease endangering human life and health. The major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class I molecules and class II molecules are closely related to the occurrence and development of tumors, which is paid more and more attentions in recent years. The expression and regulation of MHC class I molecules and class II molecules can interfere the proliferation of tumor cells and induce tumor immunity so that they can inhibit the growth of tumor cells. According to the theory of antigen presentation and T cell receptor (TCR) recognition associated to MHC molecules in tumor immunity, new treatments should be discovered and acquired clinically. Therefore, it is very necessary to learn about the research progress of MHC molecules in tumor immune and immunotherapy. In this review, we will summarize the structure and function of MHC molecules, the expression and regulation of MHC molecules in tumor cells, the realationship to tumor immunity and the application of MHC molecules in the field of tumor immunity and therapy, which will provide a meaningful reference for tumor immunity and therapy in future.

Communication Author:GAO Feng-Shan ,

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