生物芯片上海国家工程研究中心,上海 201203

摘 要:摘 要:小分子RNA家族中的一员棗microRNA,是一段非常短的非编码RNA序列,对多种生物学过程起调控作用。本文试从microRNA的结构特点、合成及作用机制和功能等方面对microRNA的研究进展作一个简单回顾。
关键词:microRNA(miRNA); Drosha;Dicer;siRNA

Progresses on the microRNA study
HUA You-Jia, XIAO Hua- Sheng*
National Engineering Center for Biochip at Shanghai, Shanghai 201203 , China

Abstract: Abstract:  microRNA, one of the small molecular RNA family, is a very small section of non-coding RNA sequence, which can regulate several biological processes. This review tries to have a brief introduction on the progresses on microRNA study, such as the structure, the biogenesis, processing and the function
Key words: microRNA(miRNA);Drosha;Dicer;siRNA

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