唐俊纯1 , 李 莹2 , 王艺磊1 , 邹鹏飞1,*
1集美大学水产学院,农业农村部东海海水健康养殖重点实验室,厦门 361021 2厦门大学嘉庚学院,河口生态安全与环境健康福建省高校重点实验室,漳州 363105

摘 要:

线粒体抗病毒信号蛋白(MAVS) 是模式识别受体RLRs 的接头蛋白,在脊椎动物的抗病毒免疫相关信号通路中发挥重要作用。硬骨鱼类作为脊椎动物的重要类群,具有与哺乳动物类似的免疫系统,且硬骨鱼类MAVS 分子在其蛋白质结构上具有一定的保守性;值得注意的是,部分硬骨鱼类RLRs 家族基因在进化过程中发生了“基因丢失”事件,近年来还在硬骨鱼类中发现了MAVS 剪接异构体的存在,有关硬骨鱼类MAVS 及其异构体在宿主抗病免疫反应中的作用越来越受到人们的广泛关注。因此,该文主要对MAVS 的结构、功能及其介导的免疫相关信号通路,MAVS 剪接异构体的功能及在硬骨鱼类中的研究进展进行综述,为深入解析硬骨鱼类乃至哺乳动物MAVS 及其介导的信号通路在宿主抗病免疫反应中的作用奠定基础。

通讯作者:邹鹏飞 ,

Immune functional characterization of mitochondrial antiviral signaling protein (MAVS) and the research progress in teleost fish
TANG Jun-Chun1 , LI Ying2 , WANG Yi-Lei1 , ZOU Peng-Fei1,*
1Key Laboratory of Healthy Mariculture for the East China Sea, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Fisheries College, Jimei University, Xiamen 361021, China 2Key Laboratory of Estuarine Ecological Security and Environmental Health, Tan Kah Kee College, Xiamen University, Zhangzhou 363105, China


As an adaptor protein of retinoic acid inducible gene I (RIG-I)-like receptors (RLRs), mitochondrial antiviral signaling protein (MAVS) plays an important role in host antiviral immune signaling pathways in vertebrates. The protein structure of MAVS is relatively conserved in teleost fish, which is an important group of vertebrates and has an immune system similar to that found in mammals. Notably, some species of teleost fish have been demonstrated to have lost some members of RLRs family during the evolutionary process, together with the findings of MAVS splicing variants in teleost fish, the role of MAVS and its splicing variants in host immune response is attracting widespread interest. Therefore, the present article mainly reviews the structure of MAVS and its related immune signaling transduction as well as the function and regulatory mechanisms of MAVS and also the splicing variants in teleost fish, which could lay a foundation for future study on the functional characterization of MAVS and its signaling pathway mediated in host disease resistance and immune response in teleost fish as well as in mammals.

Communication Author:ZOU Peng-Fei ,

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