崔中锐 , 王敬泽 , 向 禹 , 童雪梅 , 吴丽芳*
上海交通大学基础医学院生物化学与分子细胞生物学系,上海 200025

摘 要:

高发的糖尿病、肥胖症、脂肪肝等代谢性疾病和肿瘤对生活品质和生命健康带来极大威胁,寻找更加有效的药物靶标至关重要。碳水化合物反应元件结合蛋白(carbohydrate responsive element binding protein, ChREBP)是调控糖脂代谢的转录因子,显著影响肝脏糖酵解、脂质生成和胰岛素敏感性,在胰岛中促进β细胞适应性增殖,提示ChREBP对糖尿病等代谢性疾病的发展起重要作用。近年发现,ChREBP在肝癌、结直肠癌等肿瘤的发生发展中举足轻重。现就ChREBP的结构及特点、在正常组织和肿瘤中的作用及机制进行综述。ChREBP作为细胞代谢和肿瘤发生发展的纽带,为代谢性疾病和肿瘤研究提供了新的思路,其潜在靶标具有临床应用前景。

通讯作者:吴丽芳 ,

The advance in the role and mechanism of ChREBP in glycolipid metabolism and tumor
CUI Zhong-Rui , WANG Jing-Ze , XIANG Yu , TONG Xue-Mei , WU Li-Fang*
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Cell Biology, Shanghai Jiao Tong University College of Basic Medical Sciences, Shanghai 200025, China


High incidence of metabolic diseases like diabetes, obesity, fatty liver and tumor poses a great threat to the quality of life and health. It is urgent to find more effective drug targets. ChREBP (carbohydrate responsive element binding protein) is a transcription factor that regulates glucose and lipid metabolism. ChREBP can significantly affect liver glycolysis, lipogenesis and insulin sensitivity, and promote the adaptive proliferation of β cells in islets, suggesting that ChREBP plays a vital role in the development of metabolic diseases like diabetes. In recent years, more and more studies have confirmed that ChREBP is of great importance in the initiation and development of tumor such as liver cancer, colorectal cancer and so on. This paper reviews the structure and characteristics of ChREBP, its function and mechanism in normal tissues and various tumors. As a link between cell metabolism and development of tumor, ChREBP provides new ideas for the study of metabolic diseases and tumors, and its potential targets have a promising clinical application.

Communication Author:WU Li-Fang ,

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