方振天 , 卢子昂 , 方 鑫 , 翁小成* , 周 翔*
武汉大学化学与分子科学学院,武汉 430072

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通讯作者:翁小成 , Email:xcweng@whu.edu.cn 周 翔 , Email:xzhou@whu.edu.cn

RNA chemical labeling technology 
FANG Zhen-Tian , LU Zi-Ang , FANG Xin , WENG Xiao-Cheng* , ZHOU Xiang*
College of Chemistry and Molecular Sciences, Wuhan University, Wuhan 430072, China


RNA has become a hot spot in life sciences as one of the most important basic substances for maintainingcell life to regulate cell growth. However, the features of RNA of short life and easy degradation make it difficult for RNA research. Researchers are looking for more effective labeling analysis methods to delve into the distribution of RNA in three-dimensional space, the transcriptional regulation mechanism of RNA and the interaction between RNA and biomacromolecule. With the development of chemical biology, more and more RNA chemical labeling technologies have been developed to help people study RNA-related functions more deeply. This review mainly introduces the development and application of RNA labeling technology in vitro, RNA metabolic labeling, and RNA proximity interactions.

Communication Author:WENG Xiao-Cheng , Email:xcweng@whu.edu.cn ZHOU Xiang , Email:xzhou@whu.edu.cn

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