陈冠霖 , 王怡旻 , 范 静 , 陈素丽 , 王建姝 , 王常收 , 张 力 , 徐 林 , 朱 怡 , 张 强 , 童 登 , 程 红*
中国科学院分子细胞科学卓越创新中心,上海 200031

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通讯作者:程 红 , Email:hcheng@sibcb.ac.cn

Technologies of studying RNA binding proteins 
CHEN Guan-Lin , WANG Yi-Min , FAN Jing , CHEN Su-Li , WANG Jian-Shu , WANG Chang-Shou , ZHANG Li , XU Lin , ZHU Yi , ZHANG Qiang , TONG Deng , CHENG Hong*
Center for Excellence in Molecular Cell Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai 200031, China


RNA-binding proteins are widely involved in many biological processes by interacting with cellular RNA, such as RNA transcription, processing, degradation, and nuclear export, and thus play key roles in regulating the biological functions of targeted RNA. With the deepening understanding of RNA functions, it is particularly important to explain the mechanisms of the interaction between RNAs and RNA binding proteins, which promotes the rapid development of technologies about studying RNA binding protein-RNA interaction. This review
summarizes the classical and commonly used technologies in RNA binding protein-RNA interaction research, which are divided into two major categories based on different purification centers, protein or RNA. We also introduce their technical principles, application fields and research progress, and analyze the shortages of related technologies. This review will provide important references for RNA-related researches.


Communication Author:CHENG Hong , Email:hcheng@sibcb.ac.cn

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